RozbraTek#9 / Cyberrise Sound System /


10 grudzień 2016

Już w grudniu gościmy Cyberrise Sound System z Berlina.

Control Delete ( ATNT / Cyberrise )
Vortex Dynamics ( Cyberrise )
re;not ( ATNT / Cyberrise )_ liveset
YaYa ( Cyberrise , yaya23records )
Szycu ( J23 )
C23 ( J23 / TeknoError )

CYBERRISE //////////////////////

Our perception of soundsystem is opened, floating and constantly interchanging with the environment. All components that create, play and work together have met on the roads and still the state is amorph and in fluctuation.

” Lusus naturae ” , our inspiration, teaches us that all life unfolds uppon rhythm. All sensual perception comes inform of waves. Through repitition in time we obtain frequencies in the audible and visual range. Experimenting with synergetic communication – communication of the senses – we aim to open channels between the different human senses and wander through the doors of perception.

Since approximitly 2003 the collectiv is also operating with the name Cyberrise. Presently involved entities origin from Italy, Germany, Holland, Israel, Austria, Japan Spain, France and earth.

As time is speeding up in 2016, Berlin is our homebase. Our operation basis : the outer boundaries of this reality.cyberrise_cover